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  • Jane Bradshaw
:Artikkelen inneholder annonse fra stempelprodusenten:

Jane Bradshaw fra Coosty Creations har også denne gangen vært gjestedesigner for oss. Hun har laget en søt kalender med sjokoladebilder fra RetroSassDesigns. Siden hun er fra England, er tutorialen på engelsk.

I have been asked once again to contribute to the Barnemix site, a Norwegian crafting blog run by Anne Lise, thank you Anne Lise for the privilege . My last effort was a book box and this time I have been challenged to make a calendar from predesigned chocolate sentiments calendar sheets by RetroSassDesigns. Here is what I came up with this time

First I made the box with a back and the drawer. Both sections were covered with pink paper and edged with black and pink lace.

Next I attached a peace button onto the drawer. Not sure of the best way to do this but thinking about it, a toothpick seemed to be the answer. It fitted through the loop at the back of the button perfectly and should be strong for the pull when the drawer is opened as the pressure is more widely distributed. This button is a bit tongue in cheek as the person I am giving to is a work colleague who knows I hate pink (she is not fond of it either) and always threatened to have our office painted pink, my computer decorated with pink etc. I plan to put this on her desk hahahahaha and the peace button is so I hope she will forgive me

Next I printed the 12 calendar sections and mounted each on pink card.

To hold the monthly calendar sections I made a matching box and this was attached to the back of my desk-top calendar.

To hold the current month calendar on the box I made a wee box and placed pearls on the front edge. This will stop the calendar card from slipping off.

A bit more quirkiness lol. The job we were doing (I have just left work) was pretty stressful and the only way to hold it all together at times was to be a bit off the wall. I decided it would be fun to include some fun elements amongst the flowers to make her smile and in the end opted for a wee saying I found usually attached to a gift bag with the mentioned contents included. I have used a Saudi coin (saying that is where we are) so she will never be broke, a marble in case she looses her marbles, a rubber band to stretch her imagination, a piece of string to tie things together when they fall apart and a heart so she knows she is loved.

Here is a close up of the final embellishment.

This is what the back of the box looks like with the remaining calendar cards in place.

Front view

Side view

And here we have the drawer open. When I give this to her I will be filling the drawer with chocolates

Motiv: RetroSass Design